No Time, No Money, No Idea?

The non-profit industry is a challenging industry to work in. There is a lot of work and few resources. Social media is becoming a great tool for non-profit organizations because most platforms are free or inexpensive. The video above, 19 ways non-profits can use social media to connect with donors, explains how non-profits can use social media to connect with donors. Donors drive most of the funding for the company that I work in as well as for the majority of non-profits. Therefore, it is important to do all that you canto cultivate your relationships with donors.  According to 19 ways non-profits can use social media to connect with donors non-profits cite the following reasons for not utilizing social media tools:

  1. Don’t know how to use the technology

    Screen Shot from 19 ways non-profits can use social media to connect with donors

    Screen Shot from 19 ways non-profits can use social media to connect with donors

  2. Don’t know what kind of content to create
  3. Don’t have the time
  4. Don’t have the money

This is a problem because it is becoming more common for donors and volunteers alike to prefer to be contacted via social media rather than other outlets like telephone and email. Additionally, social media is an inexpensive way to create and grow relationships with donors, volunteers, and other people who want to interact with the organization.

To be more effective non-profits should start to use social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, etc. to connect with their donors. To solve the “don’t know how” problem many sites have extensive help sections. For instance, YouTube has a help section that helps users learn how to:

  • Create videos
  • Embed private videos
  • Set location
  • Write a description.

Additionally, non-profits can Google, “How to use [insert a social media site here]” to learn how to use sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Another tool non-profits can use is content. Non-profits can create content like stories and thank you messages to volunteers and donors. Non-profits can post these stories on various sites to get their message across.

If time is an issue non-profits can use tools like Posterous, SocialOomph, AWeber, and Tube Mogul. All of these sites save time for users in various ways. For instance, Posterous is a free tool that helps you post to many sites with one click. Also, SocialOomph will help you schedule posts to auto-generate as needed. In addition, AWeber is a autoresponder service that can be used to mass message followers to create engagement. Lastly, Tube Mogul lets you upload videos and share them with multiple video sites with one click. All of these tools can help a busy non-profit save time.

When you realize the amount of tools out there to help establish a presence on social media your “don’t knows” do not seem as significant!

-Maria Barbagallo


5 thoughts on “No Time, No Money, No Idea?

  1. Hi Maria, very interesting post. You make some good points about the concerns that a non-profit might have about using social media. At the same time, I’ve seen a huge increase in requests for help from individuals on sites like Craigslist and GoFundMe. However, with those sites it is hard to know if you are helping a real person or a scammer. That’s why I think it’s very important for legitimate non-profit organizations to use social media to find this balance — it’s a great way to publicize the individual stories of the people you are helping, while at the same time showcasing the larger organization behind them so donors can be sure their money is being handled well.

  2. One of the clients I work for is a non-profit company and I have seen these issues first hand. One of the biggest issues is shrinking budgets for advertising. You made a great point about the importance of still utilizing social media, despite small budgets. There are also many new interesting sites to help non-profits such as Amazon Smile and Good Search. Amazon Smile donates a portion of purchases to the charity or non-profit of your choice. Good Search is similar. Consumers can choose a charity to have as their beneficiary and everything they do on Good Search is then rewarded through donations to that charity. Every search, game and purchase is rewarded by donations. This is a free service for companies to sign up for and a great way to boost donations!

  3. […] my last post “No Time, No Money, No Idea?” I talked about how Non-Profits need to utilize social media tools to connect with donors and […]

  4. Maria I agree that a lot of people prefer to be contacted via social media other than email or phone. Personally if I get something through email or if I see a toll free number call I delete the email or will block the calls so it is safe to say that you could set yourself up for a lot of wasted effort. Also with such small budgets non profits could also save some expenses and costs by just focusing solely on free social media advertising!

  5. Hello Maria,

    I agree with you. It is very important that non profits use Social Media to get their mission out to those around them. There are also Angel Networks that non profits can register with to gain funding. There may also be someone on Social Media sites looking for non-profits to provide funding to, but without the proper advertisement no one will know.


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