There is an app for that!

In my last post “No Time, No Money, No Idea?” I talked about how Non-Profits need to utilize social media tools to connect with donors and other advocates such as volunteers. Although traditional social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, which were originally accessed mainly through a computer, are great tools Non-Profits also have to look into Mobile Technology.

It is clear that many people are using their phones to access the web more often than their computers. For the most part I only use my computer for work and school. Just look at any website you access online – chances are they have a mobile application attached to it.

There are many mobile applications out there that people can use to donate to non-profits or to find out about volunteer opportunities. One of these applications is called “I Can Go Without”. Below is a wonderful video from their website that shows you the concept behind the app:

You exchange your perceived wants for someone else’s real needs. Non-profits can use this kind of mobile technology to raise awareness of their non-profits. is a great idea because it is taking what makes social media so popular, engagement, and making it a requirement of the app.

Currently the Non-Profit that I work for does not use mobile technology for development. This is definitely an area that we could invest in. Most of our advocacy work is done by teens and young adults in college. They would be a great vehicle to get technology like this out to the public and help raise awareness and much needed money for the organization.


2 thoughts on “There is an app for that!

  1. Interesting post! I have some friends who use an app called Charity Miles, which allows people to collect money for charity when they run or bike in races, etc. I think this is great because it makes it very easy for people to donate, but also, it makes it easy for people to ask for donations. In the past people would have to ask co-workers or friends to sponsor them and then go around collecting the money, but with this app it’s much easier and it means you have the potential to reach more people.
    Another one I like is called Budge, which is an app for iPhones that allows you to basically dare your friends to do something, and if they win you donate to a charity of your choice. This one is fun because it is almost more like a game but you are giving at the same time. If a non-profit could pair up with an app like this it might be a good way to get more exposure and more donations.

  2. This is great! I guess I never really realized that there were so many social media mobile apps that can be used for other reasons such as donations. When I think social media mobile apps I think of the usual Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. It is amazing the number of mobile applications that are available and how they vary from device to device. More non-profits could benefit from apps like this; they could share the links to their accounts on their other social media pages and their websites. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

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